Conducting Your Job Search

In this section of Career Management U., we communicate various strategies to integrate during your search that will ensure optimal efficiency and ultimate effectiveness. Learn everything from identifying the “hidden” job market to staying on top of your contacts and submissions.

Diversified Job Search is Key to Success

If your job search consists of simply answering ads, you are behind in the game. A search strategy that employes a diverse tactical approach can not only help you find employment faster, but the right job for you in the right place. Here we lay out several approaches that should be part of your job search tactical framework.

Is Now the Time to Consider a Career Change?

They say that when one door closes, another one opens. Perhaps the loss of that last job is providing you with the opportunity to re-examine your direction and consider changing paths. This section walks you through the assessment process to see if a change in career path is the right thing for you.

5 Resume Writer Tips for Improving Your Job Search

Time is money, people! Don’t let a sloppy job search cost you opportunities, as well as potentially thousands of dollars in lost earnings. In this article, we offer 5 ways you can stay on track and streamline your job search operation.

Remember: For Now, Your Job Search IS Your Job

It is just too easy to fall into the trap of enjoying your new found leisure time when you find yourself unemployed. You want to do everything you can to combat this so that your search stays optimized, and short! After all, every unemployed day is lost income. In this article, we offer tips to help you keep your eye on the ball.

Resume Writer Tip: For Now, Finding A Job IS Your Job (Redux)

As you can tell, we really, really want to stress the importance of this one. Here are a few more tips to keep the search short so you can get the career back on track (and the bills paid).

Can a Recruiter Help Your Job Search?

A good recruiter can leverage your efforts to grease the skids toward a new and rewarding career. But there are factors to consider in determining if a recruiter is for you. In this section, we review the benefits and pitfalls so you can make an educated decision on when and how to use a recruiter.

Keeping a Positive Outlook

Get Your Job Search Tools Right!

Tracking Your Submissions and Contacts