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Resume Services

standout-from-the-crowdWhen you need to stand out from the crowd and nail down your dream job, The Resume Clinic is here to help. You’ll benefit greatly from our high quality resume services, all of which are designed to be a true difference maker for you. Here, you’ll learn more about several of our key resume services, and how we can help you get ahead starting today.

Resume Packages

Our affordable resume packages offer you the most value, allowing you to receive a wide range of our services and offerings for one great, low price. For instance, with the Total Package, you’ll receive a Professional Resume, Cover Letter, Thank You Letter, Reference Page, and document conversion, along with our exclusive guarantee. Our services may also be tailored to your industry or type of position, ranging from resumes specifically designed for the Federal government to Military conversion resumes, IT or Engineering to Executive positions, and more, along with special Curriculum Vitae resumes.

Resume Tune-Up

With a resume tune-up, we’ll take your existing resume and turn it into a homerun hitter. Resume tune-up services are offered both on a standalone basis, as well as for a resume and cover letter together. From formatting designed to improve readability and draw in attention, to proper editing, overall presentation and design, and more, a resume tune-up may be just what the doctor ordered. Remember, the content of a resume is only one small piece of the puzzle.

Resume and Cover Letter


Both the resume and cover letter are put through the
tune-up process to improve performance.

Resume Only


Your resume is re-formatted and edited to
improve presentation and readability.

Additional Resume Services

We offer a number of additional resume services which may be able to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a new resume from scratch, a tune-up for your existing resume, promotional and distribution services, or more, The Resume Clinic has you covered. Additionally, we can provide you with a fresh and focused cover letter or thank you letter, document formatting and conversions, printing services, reference page creation, and just about anything else related to your resume and your quest to land the perfect job.

Cover Letter Writing


A dynamically focused cover letter sure to give the reader a clear picture of unique contributions you bring to the table

Thank You Letter Writing


No interview is complete until a thank you letter is mailed or e-mailed to every person that has conducted your interview

Reference Page


Employers occasionally request
a reference page at the same time
you submit your resume

ASCII Resume Conversion


MS Word to ASCII conversion for posting to online job boards such as and

PDF Resume Conversion


Option for those who already have a resume in MS Word and simply need a conversion for a PDF version for e-mailing

Resume Printing


For those who wish to save the time that would otherwise be spent accessing a computer or running to a local copy center
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