“Why Do I Need A Professionally Composed Resume?”

Let’s face it … employers do not call you to inform you that you didn’t get the position because your resume needs work. They simply throw your resume away and you may never know why. This is why you should always come to the employment battle with your best guns so as to have supreme confidence you are putting your best foot forward.

Young man standing to the side of a large crowdAnd no one can beat The Resume Clinic for the combination of affordability, professionalism and personal service.

Employers receive countless resumes for every job opening they post. In fact, Human Relations personnel for nationwide Electronic Communications firms such as TV Networks indicate they get more than 5000 un-solicited resumes a week! Since around 4,500 of these will be discarded immediately …

Are you sure YOUR resume is good enough to make the initial cut?

It has been said that the average time a prospective employer spends reading a resume is only 17-20 seconds, so your resume needs to be focused, to-the-point, yet successfully communicate what skills you bring to the table. With that said …


Is YOUR resume concise, focused & powerful enough to grab your reader’s attention?

Current legislation restricts employers from asking questions that do not directly relate to your employability. If you include such information on your resume, you may be inadvertently disqualified. Many employers do not want to know this information as they fear it may lead to legal consequences even if they were not the one who requested it.


Are you aware of what information can cost you the position and should NEVER appear on your resume?

The most important asset you have when selling yourself in an interview is confidence. If you are not certain that your resume is the best it can be, then neither will you be when the heat is on in an interview. You need to be as certain of your resume when you walk into the door as you are of your suit, hair and shoes … after all, it is a vital part of your interviewing gear.


Are you confident walking into an interview that YOUR resume says all it needs to without errors and omissions?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, then your career move is likely to experience sub-standard results.

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