For When Your Resume is Almost There

Perhaps you feel that the content of your resume is in excellent shape. Good content alone won’t get you an interview. In fact, your resume’s content represents only about 35% of what will get you an audience. If you are satisfied with the content and strategy used in your resume and simply looking for the finishing touches to change your resume from an okay document into a resume that will make hiring managers sit up and take notice, we offer The Resume Clinic Tune-Up.

With a resume tune-up, we’ll take your existing resume and turn it into a homerun hitter. Resume tune-up services are offered both on a standalone basis, as well as for a resume and cover letter together. From formatting designed to improve readability and draw in attention, to proper editing, overall presentation and design, and more, a resume tune-up may be just what the doctor ordered. Remember, the content of a resume is only one small piece of the puzzle.

Our Tune-Up Service Includes:

Visual Formatting Enhancement

First impressions are everything and an impressive and memorable look will go a long ways towards achieving your goal of getting interviews. We integrate your content into an eye-catching, yet professional resume format that is sure to make hiring managers want to know more.

Document Realignment and Margin Corrections

Using tables instead of tabs and spaces, we align your resume’s headers and content where applicable to give a consistent and balanced look that does not distract the reader as they review your resume content. We also check your document margins to ensure against potential printing issues.

Sentence Structure/Phrasing Improvements

Even excellent content can use a touch up to ensure compliance with the guidelines regarding the telegraphic style of resume writing. We edit each sentence where necessary to improve its structure and impact. (please see explanation below for a detailed explanation on what constitutes sentence structure improvement versus content strategy manipulation).

Proofing to Correct Spelling and Grammar

No document is complete without a thorough review to guard against bad impressions due to spelling and grammatical mistakes. After other changes, your document is proofread to provide the finishing touch.

What the Tune-Up Service Does NOT Include:

  • Implementation any changes or improvement in resume layout/content strategy, section order, or content placement
  • Addition of any bulk content not provided by the client
  • Any executive, objective, or keyword development
  • Eligibility for discounted updates or retargeting for future needs
  • Eligibility for The Resume Clinic’s 30-Day Performance Guarantee

Rush Service Options

Rush orders must be placed before 2:00 pm CT to be completed no later than the 5th day from the day of order. (Rush orders placed on a Friday before 2:00 pm CT will be completed no later than EOB on the following Tuesday.)