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Select the type of resume you need (Professional, Executive, Federal, Military Conversion, IT / Tech, or Curriculum Vitae) and process payment for the resume package of your choice … this starts the clock and places your order into the production queue.
You will receive a Welcome E-mail containing The Resume Clinic Interview Form in MS Word format and the direct telephone number of your resume writer. If you have an old resume, you only need to complete those areas of the form that are not addressed at all or not addressed sufficiently on the older document. If you do not have an old resume, the Interview Form will capture all of the information that we need.
Submit your old resume and Interview Form (along with any target job postings, certificates/awards, certifications, etc.), to our certified resume writers at [email protected].
After production, we e-mail your drafts in MS Word format for your review. Your writer then makes as many edits / amendments as necessary to perfectly capture your unique qualifications and skills. (NOTE: current turnaround time: 4-5 business days)
Total Package Only – Upon approval for finalization, your resume writer produces a PDF and ASCII-text version of your resume.

We provide powerfully effective and eye-catching professional documents written by certified writers that understand the importance of print marketing principles in getting you noticed. As such, you can be sure that your writer is utilizing the latest and most current visual layout strategies and writing technique to grab the reader’s attention during a review so that your application makes it to the top of every hiring manager’s stack. As a result, you will experience an increase in interview frequency and consistency, which converts into more viable employment opportunities!

There is no substitute for working with a reputable writer and team that specializes in getting you interviews. Working with us, you are provided with:

A CPRW that takes into consideration your unique goals and needs. We are not a “mill” that simply cranks out templated documents. Your writer and our team ensure that your documents are targeted to achieve your employment goals. We take your details and build your documents from the ground up. The key is assessing the unique skills and qualities that work with your career target. Your writer is trained to design eye-catching documents and use proven content layout strategies that get you positive and consistent results.

Make no mistake: your resume is a marketing document. We use the proven and persuasive four-step “AIDA” advertising formula. You are a commodity and we want employers to “buy” what you have to offer:

  1. Get Attention
  2. Capture Interest
  3. Create Desire
  4. Call to Action

Personalized service and attention from your resume writer throughout the entire process, with direct access via telephone to assist you throughout the process. (Not many online services will offer this kind of attention … we feel it is the most important aspect!)
Best of all, our 30-day interview and client support guarantee provides a win-win proposition for you!

CPRW Designation

The length of a search for employment can drastically affect your financial health and credit standing. As such, it is important that you only trust your project to credentialed professionals so that it is done the right way to minimize the time you spend searching for employment. After all, is not the initial contact with an employer by your documents the most important step in that job search process? Submission of sub par and improperly targeted job search documents usually result in rejected applications and even more time spent wading unnecessarily in the employment search pool. The worst part is that you’ll likely never even know why because hiring managers do not make it a point to inform you that a professional resume writer would have made the difference in your application … they simply move on to the next candidate and you are left in the dark to wonder why. Anyone with a laptop can label themselves a resume writer. Certification mean guaranteed quality and support throughout the process.

Are you ready to go to the next level by working with a certified professional writer to accelerate your job search?

If you have decided to get SERIOUS about your job search and move to the next level, simply select the category from the list below and you are on your way. We are available to answer all of your inquiries. Why not call today and speak with a certified resume writer to get more information on our process and products? A certified writer is always waiting to speak with you:


Do you have an old one that you would like reviewed and assessed for effectiveness? Then take advantage of our complimentary resume analysis/assessment service, available to all site visitors.