resume writerWhile it is hard to believe, there are many job seekers who treat the search process as though it were an afterthought. Something to address during a commercial during your favorite show. As a resume writer, we indirectly get an inside look into our clients’ job search strategies. And I have to say, some of the things are quite eye-opening. When it comes to the job search process, efficiency means speed. Speed saves time. Saved time means saved money. A lengthy job search means lost financial opportunity. Here are just a few tips to amp your efficiency up.

 Stash Your Resume Everywhere

Resume writers get calls all the time from former clients who have lost their resumes in computer crashes. While here at The Resume Clinic we maintain those documents, all resume writing services do so. Or perhaps there is a surcharge for sending over another copy. In a digital age, there is no excuse for not having multiple storage locations for professional resume. ( I am assuming you are resume was done by a certified professional resume writer, since you are serious about your career, right?)

Along with a copy of your resume on your computer hard drive, you should subscribe to a service similar to Google Drive and store a copy there. Another copy of your resume on a thumb drive would not be a bad idea either. And why not store a copy in your web based email? If you are caught in a situation without being able to immediately put your hands on your resume, who knows the opportunity you may have lost?

 Set Up a Job Search “Home Base”

Environment does a good deal to set one’s state of mind. The area in which you conduct your job search (at least the bulk of it) should be physically set aside from the rest of your world. When you are inside of the job search bubble, there should be an understanding with yourself that you are there to accomplish something specific. The only thing that occurs in that bubble is career maintenance. That understanding should also extend to those in your household. When they see you in your bubble, you are not to be disturbed. Take some time and organize your bubble in a way that works best for you. You can get a little more information on this at this resume blog post.

 Learn How to Use That Smartphone for More Than Just Games

We all know them, don’t we? People with top-of-the-line smartphones who can only play games or post on Facebook. These wonders of the 21st century are far more powerful and useful than that. They are actually small handheld computers capable of pudding your job search organization on overdrive. There are several great apps that can help you stay informed of the latest available employment opportunities, as well as manage and organize your entire search process. Some excellent apps to consider for download include the following:
This site is a job posting aggregator, meaning it pulls vacancies from several locations to provide one convenient location for finding available positions for which to apply. You can personalize your search and this site will send qualified vacancies directly to your email. Can’t beat that!
This website is a great tool for organizing all aspects of your search. You can track all of your applications, as well as who your contacts are with each employer. This is a must have tool for the job search on overdrive.

LinkedIn Mobile
As we all know, LinkedIn is becoming a powerhouse in the career management realm. What we are talking about here is just about every recruiter and at least 90% of available positions appearing on LinkedIn. Not to mention it is a great tool for keeping up with your network and researching the latest and greatest with potential employers. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, by all means create one. Many employers don’t take you seriously without one.

Schedule Your Contacts With Your Network

If you have been managing your career the right way, this point won’t even mean anything to you. When one’s career is going well, they should be taking the time every now and again to reach out to their peers to offer any assistance that they can. This puts goodwill in the bank for when you need a helping hand. Like now. During your job search don’t just randomly connect with your network. Figure out who the primary players will be who can strategically assist you with introductions or information. Then schedule your contacts with these professionals. Don’t trust the random approach, as you may forget or bungle the communication. Really strategize what it is you want to say and how you want to approach each contact. But whatever you do, schedule it officially so that it does not slip.

Take Time to Feed Your Confidence

A job search is a highly stressful time. And depending upon the number of rejections you have received, a very emotionally draining time. Staying motivated can be difficult in the face of what seems like failure (although due to the sheer numbers, some rejection is expected). Find what keeps you motivated and focused. What raises your confidence? What keeps your spirits high? You need to ensure this stays at your fingertips at all times. Speaking of that smartphone that you own, if it is certain songs and music then download those files for access anywhere. If it is certain quotes by historical figures, copy and paste them into a file for easy access. If it is a friend who is good at talking you up, put them on notice that you will need them on a regular basis to meet somewhere to do this. The job search is no time for low energy. Whatever you need to do to keep it high, commit to it 100%.

Now go get that job!