resume-writerWhen you considering hiring a resume pro while preparing for a multi-front job search, you may have to make some tough decisions. Your resume writer can’t realistically prepare multiple documents for the price of one (additional keyword research, potential rephrasing and re-ordering based upon the goal, new cover letter focus, etc.). So, how does one approach this dilemma?

Option #1: Hire A Resume Pro Willing To Give Discounts On Additional Work

When your resume pro prepares properly for the project, research is done on the industry and the position in question. A strategy is then developed based upon your particular qualifications mix to best bring immediate focus from the hiring authority to the relevant concepts. If you are seeking multiple position types (that vary in core skill utilization), you need a resume for each one to fully optimize your chances for success. Any credible resume service should be willing to prepare  additional targeted resume and cover letter packages at a discount. After all, you actual background doesn’t change and usually, the resume that was just prepared can usually be used as a starting point. check with any resume pro with which you consult to ensure this is an option.

Option #2: Send A Resume Pro 100% After The Top Priority

Perhaps you have a few employment areas that can be viable options for you, but there is one type of job in particular that you really want to land. if this is the case, your resume pro should develop a strategy to land interviews for that particular job. But along with developing strategy for that #1 target, your resume writer should seek opportunities to include concepts from the other job targets. But the kicker is, the #1 target should not be compromised in doing so. It is the resume equivalent to biting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. The primary target gets diluted, and now your resume is not strong enough for any of the employment goals.

Option #3: Have A Resume Pro Develop An Excellent Base Resume That Can Be Retargeted As Needed

If your employment goals are in the same ballpark, you can have a resume pro to build a document that gives you a good foundational resume that can be easily directed toward different, but related goals. Of course, this depends upon how comfortable you will be in making the resume changes yourself. A few keyword changes, profile entries and perhaps re-ordering duties and highlights to bring the most relevant ones to the top can be all you need. But be sure to seek consistency in phrase styling, formatting and spacing.

Your resume is always to be written for your audience. So if you are not comfortable retargeting your resume and cover letter to pull attention to critical areas, be honest with yourself. Remember, a sluggish job search is a drain on your financial resources and delay in career advancement. Not to mention that the longer you are unemployed, the more “unemployable” hiring managers perceive you to be.