redefine successSuccess. We’re surrounded by tales of triumph, narratives of those who’ve scaled the summit of success, conquering industries and amassing fortunes. We’re enticed by these stories, craving a peek into the playbook of the prosperous. But amidst this allure lies a question that often evades the spotlight: Should we redefine success for a more well-rounded life?

For many, success is painted against the backdrop of corporate ascension, endless work hours, and financial milestones. Yet, as we gaze at these towering achievements, we’re often blinded to the toll they take on our lives—the missed moments, the sacrifices, the neglected aspects of our being that yearn for attention.

So, what does success truly look like?

Success should be multifaceted (at least I think so). Should it really be all about a dollar figure in the bank account or a spot on some prestigious list? How about the joys of working daily with those who value your work and the ability to savor your journey without compromising your well-being? Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me.

We’ve been fed stories of extreme dedication—CEOs burning the midnight oil, founders sacrificing sleep at the altar of success. But let’s pause and ponder: At what cost? Each day spent solely chasing professional acclaim is a day detached from the tapestry of life, from the laughter of loved ones, from the simple joys that make existence vibrant. To redefine success means to flip this on its head: How does one’s career serve one’s life, and not the other way around?

Balancing the scales of life

Consider this: the average person devotes a third of their life to work. That’s roughly 90,000 hours spent in the pursuit of professional success. However, 94% of employees prioritize work-life balance. This chasm between aspiration and reality underscores a crucial point: success isn’t solely about the office corner suite or the fat paycheck; it’s about the harmony between work and life. To redefine success might mean being willing to give up that pursuit of the corner office so that you can make your kid’s baseball game or keep your date night commitment with your spouse.

Yes, hard work is the foundation, but not at the expense of the mosaic that makes life meaningful—family, health, personal growth. It’s about defining our own success, a path that aligns with our values, aspirations, and the desire for a holistic existence.

A call to redefine success

Let’s pivot our perspective on success. It’s time to step off the corporate hamster wheel and reframe our goals. While social media can provide screens full of empty quips, there is one that really stuck with me:

“The only people that will remember you worked late are your kids.”

Man, that’s deep. I mean, think about that.

This thought alone should have us embracing a definition of success that celebrates a well-rounded life. Our professional aspirations need to be intertwined with personal fulfillment, nurturing relationships with loved ones, cherishing moments, and the safeguarding of our well-being.

So, here’s the challenge: dare to redefine success. Let’s recalibrate our metrics, weaving success not just from corner offices and zeros on a paycheck but from the richness of a life lived in harmony.

Join me in this endeavor. Let’s carve our unique paths to success—one that’s not just about climbing the corporate ladder but about ascending the peaks of a more well-rounded life. I’ll see you there!