land the jobIt’s easy to get lost in the job search process, seeing things only from the perspective of your own stress. But looking at it from the employer’s point of view can prepare you to anticipate and fulfill their needs – and land the job that brings you professional satisfaction.

Granular Research

Your prospective employer is likely overwhelmed, anxious to fill a position while still doing their own job. It’s your job to show them where you can fit in and stand out within their company. By researching your employer beyond the job description, you show that you are proactive and prepared to hit the ground running.

  • Research company achievements, culture, mission statement and your interviewer to gauge how to best communicate with them and land the job.
  • Get granular – providing metrics to illustrate your ideas or value show you are an authority in your field, and make great conversation in an interview!

Strategically Design Your Resume

Employers can weed through thousands of resumes for the target position. Help make this process easier for them to find you by creating a strategic resume – not just a linear regurgitation of your job history.

  • Optimize your resume with keywords to make it more searchable, and keep it updated on social media and with recruiters.
  • Don’t submit it everywhere (it could get marked as spam). To land the job, spend time curating your resume for specific jobs, companies, and recruiters. It will improve your chances for that position, rather than mass mailing generic resumes.
  • And don’t forget a cover letter and follow-up letter customized for each job or employer.

Recruiters = Results

Recruiters help employers fill higher level jobs by curating a selection of pre-screened, qualified candidates. They often take their fee from the employer, so you land the job at no cost to you. As a result, they are motivated to market you to the employer, making it easier for you to interview through their introduction. They can be helpful at any stage of your career, as some agencies also offer temp or part-time job placement during your full-time search.

Be Visible

Your ideal employer is not always interviewing or advertising. So how can they find you? Marketing yourself to prospective employers by curating your online presence and in-person networking keeps you top of mind when a job does open and creates opportunities for new positions throughout your career.

  • Polish up that LinkedIn profile to land the job. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional these days, a LinkedIn page is a necessity. But don’t just launch a page and leave it. This is fresh and prime real estate to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Develop a differentiating branding statement for your title line and use the 2,600 characters available in the About section to say something different than your resume. And don’t forget to post regularly regarding your profession and industry. The LinkedIn platform presents an excellent opportunity to establish yourself As an authority in your field. Forward and comment on interesting articles and start discussions. After all, you never know who is listening, right?
  • Start a blog your industry to land the job. Launching a blog dedicated to your particular realm can be a game-changer. A well-maintained blog serves as yet another invaluable platform to showcase your expertise, share industry insights, and establish yourself as a thought leader. It provides a space to delve into the nuances of your professional world and its various dynamics. A blog not only positions you as an authority in the field but also fosters a community of engaged readers. The platform enables you to connect with other like-minded professionals (and even potential employers), offering them valuable content that resonates with their career aspirations.

You wouldn’t get into a car for a road trip without first identifying the end destination and mapping how you will get there. Your job search should not be much different. Consider how decision makers navigate and quite simply put yourself in their path. Who knows? That employer just might pick you up on the side of that road.