virtual jobsWhile there are many archaic-minded companies still fighting against the trend, virtual jobs are here to stay and will only become more prevalent. Let’s face it, ol’ COVID-19 has changed the game. It forced companies to use a technology infrastructure that has actually been in place for 15+ years to continue productive work by its employees virtually. In short, office jobs became virtual jobs overnight, with no drop off in productivity.


Two years after the pandemic’s onset, 59% of U.S. employees feel that their jobs can be done from home. And guess what? Today’s job seekers want in on that virtual jobs action! But with a different employment ecosystem comes different assessment angles from the gate keepers. We need to convince them that you are remote work material, as well as optimize our presentation during the courting process.


Below are a few strategies you can implement to increase your attractiveness for those coveted virtual jobs.


Virtual Jobs Strategy #1: Retool Your Resume to Demonstrate Ability to Produce Without Oversight


As you would imagine, the #1 issue that would concern a hiring authority seeking to fill virtual jobs is whether or not applicants can perform without management eyeballing them. As such, if you can convince decision makers of this attribute during the resume review stage, you are half-way home to an interview invite.


Layer your resume with examples that demonstrate independence and your ability to get the job done without the need for management’s watchful eye. If you can, reference projects and initiatives you started yourself, and perhaps led. Show examples of self-organization that would be of value when left to your own devices.


When it comes to virtual jobs, communication is key. Remember, one cannot simply get up and go into the supervisor’s or co-worker’s office to collaborate on the day’s project challenges. Virtual jobs mean virtual communication tools. Your resume must show your proficiency in the latest and greatest in virtual collaboration tools. This would be by example of use and listing of virtual tools in your technology section.


Virtual Jobs Strategy #2: Set Up Your Virtual Interview Infrastructure.


So, after making changes to your resume to show your worthiness for virtual jobs consideration, the interviews start rolling in.

As you would expect, the interviews for virtual jobs are more likely to be, well, VIRTUAL! The interview is where you close the deal that the resume set up for you. So, you need to do this right to account for issues one would not encounter in an in-person setting.


First, let’s be sure our equipment is on point. Call your internet service provider and get the highest bandwidth you can, at least while in the job search. You don’t want patchy video to cost you your chance to impress. In line with that would be ensuring your laptop is fine-tuned to make the most of that new speed.


Next, arrange the space the camera will capture in a professional manner. You want the interviewer to see order and organization that communicates an environment where you can maximize your focus. We can also deliver some subliminal messaging. Win any awards from the previous job? The bookcase behind you is a great place for them, along with any books you may have read on leadership, organization, or the industry of the company interviewing you. One can also use virtual filters if one must, but the frayed edges that sometimes appears around the subject can sometimes be distracting. But hey, it is better than being interviewed in front of a week’s worth of laundry or a wall with a hole in it, right?


Be sure to buy (or borrow) a video ring light with a stand. You can get one from Amazon for under $25. A ring light reduces shadows and diffuse light evenly on you during the interview. Why do you think your favorite social media influencer’s photos and videos always look so good? Trust me when I tell you that most of your competition will not address this detail. The fact that you paid such attention to your video quality will bode well for you, particularly if the virtual jobs you are applying to involve virtual communication with company customers/clients and vendors.


Lastly, if you have small kids at home, see if you can arrange for someone to take them off-site during the interview. Children bursting to interrupt videos may be cute on Tik-Tok, but not so when it comes to your interview. I would say that this is even preferable to someone coming over to watch them for you. Kids have healthy lungs, and a screaming session 3 rooms away cans till ruin your presentation. Perhaps arrangements could be made with a neighbor or relative to help out.


I would also consider placing a note on the door requesting visitors do not knock or ring the doorbell due to a video conference taking place. Anything to keep you and the interview from potential distraction is a plus.


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It is projected that the remote workforce in the US an EU will increase from $20 million pre-COVID to around 80 million by 2030. Will you be in that number?