resume writerWhen you have either just lost a job, or just left one, it is very easy to fall into the mindset of looking at this as a brief vacation. Unless you have 6 figures in the bank, this is not the type of thinking you can afford long-term. When you are in between jobs, it is very easy to get out of rhythm. The result is an inefficient and relatively ineffective job search. As we all know, time is money. So the longer your job search lasts, the more it costs to you in the long run. Along with ensuring you have the best resume possible, be sure to implement the following to stay on your game and get back into the workforce faster.

Set That Alarm Clock … DAILY

I know that it may feel good to wake up naturally for a change, but this is not something you want to get used to doing. First, you are likely to be cutting the valuable time out of your day that should be used to take care of job search responsibilities. Falling out of bed for 11 am is simply not the ticket if you are looking to get back into the workforce quickly. Set that alarm clock to get you out of bed when the rest of the working world does. And we are not talking just Tuesday and Thursday. This should be done throughout the week. Remember, you are trying to maintain a sense of consistency, as well as optimize the use of time regarding your job search.

For Goodness Sake … Put On Some Clothes!

One’s clothing goes a long way in determining how one feels. This is why you should not be conducting your job search in your underwear. Remember, the idea is to stay in a frame of mind that keeps you confident and moving in the right direction. And let’s face it, a naked job search just ain’t right. Not saying that a suit and tie is needed to conduct the day’s work. Perhaps a comfortable pair of jeans and t-shirt is all that is needed. But at least you will feel like you are still part of the outside world. So after setting that alarm and waking up for 6 or 7 am (yeah, that’s right, I said it!), get dressed as though you are participating in life with the rest of the world. Because you are. It will help you feel connected and more confident.

Designate an Area Specifically For Job Search Activities

When conducting a thorough job search, you will have a lot of balls in the air at one time. Organization is key to properly managing this. As such, you don’t want some of your resources in the kitchen, some in the living room, and some in the bedroom. Your job search resources should be centralized and in a dedicated area that is specifically for the execution of your job search. Additionally, your family members and anyone visiting the home should be told to respect this space. Now, if you have this in another room that can be closed off, all the better. But most of us do not have this luxury. In this case, we do the best we can. If you have a card table that you can set off in the quietest area of the house, then do so.

Set “Office Hours”

Well, you have gotten up with the sun as you are supposed to and gotten dressed. After a cup of coffee and some breakfast, you sit down around 8:30 am to start your job search. While it may be tempting, I really don’t believe you should be cutting the day short at 11:30 a.m. Since you are to treat the job search as though it were a job, you should be fully engaged in job search activities until 4:30 or 5 p.m. Of course, lunch time and breaks are okay, but if you are dedicating 7 to 8 quality hours to networking, applying for posted openings, tailoring your resume, or following up with potential opportunities, you are certain to land something sooner than later.

Keep Long-Term Goals in a Visible Place

During this down time, it will be easy to get distracted. That television remote will look good, and so will those snacks in the fridge. If you do not have your eye on the larger prize, it will be far easier to succumb to these temptations, and there goes valuable time. I am sure you have long-term career goals, or personal goals fueled by career successes. Keep these things some place visible during this time. I am certain that you have your goals written down, correct? Why not keep these handy and visible to keep you going when things get a little tough and you think about stopping. Planning on buying a larger home for you and your family? Perhaps a picture that you can glance at every now and again can keep those fires burning. Whatever your motivation may be, be sure that you can readily access it.

Now, go and get that job!