thinking-womanYou’ve got the document, so refine your job search strategy!

So, you’ve received a brand new and highly effective resume from The Resume Clinic. It is well balanced, easy to read, search friendly and efficiently written. Now that you have this wonderful tool in hand, what are your next steps in landing a great job? This is the first part of a series on what to do (resume and otherwise) to make your job search strategy work to position you for long-term success.

Stash Electronic Copies of your Resume

It’s 2015, people. You really don’t need to be walking around with hard copies of your resume as part of your job search strategy. More likely than not you will need an electronic version before you ever need that hard copy. Be sure you have copies of that resume stashed in several places for easy access. First, ensure that you have the primary version set to “read only” so that you do not mistakenly make any changes to the document. Next, tuck a copy of the resume in your cloud storage. It would help if this was accessible through an app on your phone. but the smartphone’s browser will do in a pinch. Also, get yourself a thumb drive. The smaller the better. Physically, that is, not from his storage standpoint. Something nice and stylish that will fit on your key ring would be nice, wouldn’t it? And don’t forget to leave a copy in your web-based email account.

Clean Up Your Social Media Space

Man, if you only knew the number of people who lost great opportunities because of idiotic Facebook or Twitter posts, you and go to your account immediately and clean them up. Employers have admitted to checking applicants Facebook pages before even reading their resumes. And by the way, those privacy settings can be gotten around. Don’t let an idiotic pic of you and a bong (or worse) keep you from launching your career. Go through all of your social media accounts as part of your job search strategy and get those types of things out of there. Are you a huge political commenter? Just remember that the person reading that resume may not have the same views as you do. In fact, they may be the only one in the office with a view that is not like yours. But just because your resume ran across this person, you can miss out on a great job. Keep the social media profiles professional. In fact, you should be using these to brand yourself as an industry professional. Comment on things having to do with your chosen profession or forward relevant articles of interest with your comments on what you read. Use this vital space to cement your qualifications in the minds of your readers and potential employers.

Coming later, part 2 of this job search strategy series.