professional resume writerDid you know that in 2014, 57,800 people were fired per day? As you can imagine, as a professional resume writer, we have heard it all when it comes to why people have lost their jobs. Some more creative and mind-boggling than others. Some out of the realm of control of the employee, such as a layoff due to economic conditions. But there are just some things as an employee you do not do if you wish to keep your job. Here are a few things that can surely get you canned.

Risk Work Quality For Speed

A gentleman named Howard Newton once said “People forget how fast you did a job, but they remember how well you did it.” rushing through your duties, and especially critical projects, for the sake of being able to say you finished quickly is sure to come back to bite you at some point. With a focus on speed, you are very likely to ignore the finer details that make your efforts a success. While you don’t want to drag your feet, the important thing is that when your work reaches your supervisor’s desk, it is impeccable. The quality of the work will be remembered and recognized for more than how quickly you performed it. As a professional resume writer, we very often have projects that are time sensitive. But the point of the exercise is getting the client equality document that will win interviews consistently over time. As such, the good ones do not even accept projects where the timeline does not permit the development of a quality resume and cover letter.

Repeatedly Remind Everyone “That Ain’t My Job”

Ahhh, we all know this person. If it is not in their job description, you can’t count on them to do anything. While no one wants to be taken advantage of, in the 21st century working environment, it is almost understood that everyone chips in where they can. Employers in general are employing fewer workers, but the same amount of work is required. Those who move up will be those who prove that they are willing to take up the slack. Its called accountability and leadership. Those with it move up. Those without it, move on. There is a way to ensure management is not taking advantage of you, while still demonstrating that you are a team player.

Avoid Professional Development

If you are not moving forward, then you are moving backward. A career without professional development and the sharpening of your tool set is destined to be a shorter one. Things change fast in the 21st century, and you need to stay on top of your game to prove you’re worthy of your spot. Because trust me, someone else is gunning for it. If your employer is offering access to free training courses, take advantage of each and every one of them. Not only does demonstrate to your current employer that you are dedicated what to bettering yourself, it also makes you more marketable should you have to reenter the workforce. By the way, never, ever pass up on anything that is free, okay? As a certified professional resume writer, we are required to always stay on top of the latest and greatest in document production, word processor tools and human resources resume review strategies. Staying on top requires work. Be willing to put it in.

Be The Focal Point Of Office Gossip And Rumors

You may have found out that Sally in Marketing is sleeping her way to the top, or that Bradley in Accounting has a drug problem. But trust me when I say that you better not be the source of that information in your office. Office gossip is one of the biggest no-no’s in the professional sphere. Once you get this reputation, there is almost no way to get rid of it. Not to mention that you may even open yourself up to litigation depending upon what information you spread. When it comes to the juicy stuff, let someone else take the chance. That should not be for you. Want a good example of this? Click here to read this story on a similar situation.

Now, as a professional resume writer, most of us work alone. As such we do not have this issue to deal with in-house. But one thing you can imagine is that we constantly get information on other client that would be interesting and juicy to pass along to other clients. Professional etiquette says this is not wise. So although we do not have the same office dynamic, the goal is the same.

Complain About Your Job or Your Boss on Social Media

Now this is the 21st century job killer here. People tweet and post on Facebook and other social media platforms so easily and without thought, that they do not realize the serious damage that they may be doing to their careers when they do so. It may feel as though you are just chatting with your friends, but trust me when I tell you, nothing, and I mean nothing actually disappears from the internet. Not only that, trust me when I tell you that many employers can find a way around your privacy settings to see what is going on. How important is social media to the employment process? Many employers have openly admitted that before they even read the resume they are scouring the internet for an applicant’s social media footprint. Keep your social media clean if you are planning to advance your career. Got a complaint about an employer? Meet your friend at a bar and talk about it. Isn’t that what bars are for?