4-more-ways-to-update-your-job-search-toolboxIn the second part of this two part series, we discuss for additional ways in which you can fine tune the job search tools to gain more effectiveness. It is all about making your job search as short as possible. So any strategies you can implement that will achieve this objective is desirable. Below you will find four ADDITIONAL ways that will help increase your effectiveness during the job search.

Trick Out Your Email Signature

A well-constructed email signature section is a good way to brand yourself during a job search. Not only can it provide excellent information with regard to contacting you, you can insert tidbits such as certifications, a link to your LinkedIn profile, perhaps a link to any articles about you or your projects, or perhaps a sharply written tagline that quickly says what you are all about.

Prepare An Elevator Pitch

You should always be ready to give a quick “30 seconds or less” presentation about yourself within a professional context. You never know when you are going to meet someone of note that can bridge you to your next opportunity. You should shoot for being memorable, succinct and interesting. Consider what it is you are looking to communicate. What is the pitch’s objective? You want to be sure to explain what it is you do, but more importantly, what is your unique selling proposition? What makes you different than the next person? Once you have composed it, be sure to practice, practice, practice. This should not come off as scripted. Instead, it should come across as natural conversation.

Create An Electronic Business Card

Of course, this could have gone underneath the smartphone section, but I thought it deserved its own attention. Within your contacts, set up your own contact card that serves as a business card. Along with all of the contact information and links to your online media, you can add information about yourself in the notes section that can be useful for the recipient. This can of course be transmitted to your recipient in any number of ways, including near field communication (NFC), text, email for the cloud.

Keep A Pre-Prepared Interview Outfit Ready

If you have done as you should and hired professional resume writer to work with you, hiring managers may want to get you in quickly to ensure you are not snapped up by the competition (good resumes can do that, you know). When a potential employer calls, you don’t want to have to delay a meeting simply because you have to bring your interview clothes to the cleaners. That one or two-day delay could result in your competition getting the position instead of you. There should always be one full and complete interview outfit ready to go at all times. Starched shirt, polished shoes, and proper accessories should all be where you can immediately get your hands on them. Part of this is also ensuring that you keep your haircut and nails manicured at all times throughout your job search.

Good organization in any situation makes things easier . The job search is no different. Your approach should be systematic and account for all possibilities. Leave no stone unturned. Everything from the way you track your positions to how you communicate with other professionals and potential employers can be the difference between landing a position tomorrow and going another two months with a past due car note. Now, make it happen!