job interviewsBefore leaving for job interviews, you ensured you outfit was flawless and studied your notes on the company’s direction and recent news. You’ve eliminated your nervous ticks that crop up during the pressure of an interview and prepared answers to almost every interview question that they could possibly ask. And you’ve printed extra copies of your resume.


Now … don’t you think they know that?


You may think that interviews begin when you finally sit down and hear the phrase “tell me about yourself”. But this is not always the case. Eyes can be on you from the moment you step foot into the building. You know, while your guard is still somewhat down. So get it into your mind right now that the interview actually starts as soon as you leave your house.


Whatever you do, do not arrive late. And by late, I also mean “on time”. Etiquette for Job interviews dictate that you arrive 15 minutes early. Not 5 minutes late or “on the nose”. Because this is considered customary in the interview world, you don’t want the job interview to start with you already behind the 8 ball in the interviewer’s eyes. Know the route and leave in plenty of time to get there.


Let’s avoid front desk personnel overhearing phone calls. We don’t want them reporting back to the decision makers about your yelling match with your brother, or that you decided to yuck it up with your friend about a great pair of shoes you plan to pick up after the interview is over. Put that thing on mute or turn it off altogether (unless, of course, your notes are on the phone). You should be taking this time to prepare yourself mentally for the job interview anyway.


Your professionalism can be under scrutiny well before the interviewer comes out to greet you. There could be others walking around whom you don’t meet the day of the job interview, but could very well be involved in the final decision as to who gets the job. Play it safe and keep it professional from the minute you walk out of the front door of your home.


There are eyeballs everywhere!!!