A hot topic rolling around the resume writer message boards recently was whether resume writers used forms to capture data from their clients or conducted phone/in-person interviews. The feedback seemed to indicate that there was a fair amount of support for each position with a great number of resume writing professionals providing both options for their clients. At The Resume Clinic, we provide both options because there are some clients who are simply more comfortable speaking to a writer about their experiences at length. Each method simply works better for certain personality types.

professional resumeBut if one were to ask me which was my preference, I would have to say that I am a firm believer in using a well conceived interview form to capture the information. The biggest issue that I find with the interview as an exclusive information gathering tool is that clients have recall issues due to the general distractions of the day. Writer conducted phone interviews are primarily scheduled during business hours and the client is usually trying to fit it in during the daily grind. When trying to capture and communicate 10+ years of achievements, job duties, training, and associated dates to a resume writer, this can be very distracting and vital details can be missed. I find that when a client takes the form for a couple of days, they can complete it at a time when the daily grind has come to a halt. This allows more uninterrupted and non-distracted thought, resulting in a more thorough recording of information.

For those with more complicated backgrounds, the form can be followed up with an interview session to clarify those gray areas for your resume writer.

William Mitchell
Certified Professional Resume Writer

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