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Free Resume Assessment

**Free Resume Assessment program is temporarily offline due to high order volume. Please check back with us at a later date**


Resu-Chek™ Resume Analysis System

Our 100% FREE Resume Check-Up & Assessment

Let us show you how we plan to set your resume apart from the crowd

Within one business day, we provide you with a detailed assessment of your resume’s areas of vulnerability, providing you with valuable insight as to how we plan to put your resume ahead of the competition. (** US and Canadian resumes only **)

    An excellent way to determine whether your resume is in need of professional attention is to let us provide a free detailed assessment. With the Resu-Chek™ Resume Analysis System, your submission is tested on over 25 different development criteria that could potentially reduce the effectiveness of your document … well worth the time it takes to simply e-mail a file, and it could be the difference between landing interviews and never knowing that your resume provided a weak presentation of your true worth (employers don’t call you to tell you your resume presented poorly).

    By the next business day, we provide you with a full assessment (in MS Word format) of your resume’s areas of vulnerability, giving you the an idea of just what will be required for us to make your resume highly competitive.

    We are certain that the Resu-Chek™ process will provide you with a great deal of insight in order to make the smart choice. Once your critique has been completed, if you decide we are the professionals to assist you, then you’ll be glad to know that our certified resume writers are highly skilled in optimizing layout, design, and content placement. When ready to order, you can select from one of our Resume Packages.

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