resume-writer-tipAdditional Tips for Using Your Time Wisely

When one loses their job, it becomes all too easy to approach this period from the perspective of “a break”. And while the opportunity to recharge your batteries is something that can be helpful, you have to remember that there are still bills to pay.

You still need to find a job!

So my recommendation is that instead of looking at your unemployment circumstance as the opportunity to take a break, you should treat it as a chance to “set your own schedule” on your new job, which is finding a job. If you are not executing at least 6 hours per day toward that goal, then you are selling yourself short. When you consider what can be done with the time you may be wasting with video games, Hulu shows or hanging with others not interested in advancement, it makes sense to alter your strategy if you are serious aboUT finding a job.

Tweak Every Resume You Send

“Who has time to tailor every resume sent out?” you say? Well, YOU DO. If you are committed to the goal for a full workday (at minimum), there is no excuse for not doing this. Review those job descriptions of nuance and adjust core competencies, restructure the profile section, or adjust the job descriptions as needed. Applying for a position where your MBA Isn’t necessary? Remove it before sending. Does the position ask for knowledge in an area where you received exposure during a special projects elaborate on it more and move it to a more prominent position.

Forge Strategic Relationships

This may be a good time to strengthen relationships and alliances with those that can help you along your path. Would you like a job with a local manufacturing entity? You should be taking the time to find other employees of this company on social media and strike up conversations. Ask about the culture, any trends they see coming down the line, whether they have any recommendations for avenues of entry, etc. Perhaps they have knowledge of an untraditional route to send your customized resume. What about local networking mixers? There could be some people there who have a line on positions that aren’t in their professional sphere, yet is perfect for you.

Gain a New Skill

The time available to you from the loss of the last position is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your skill set. This will also reduce the chances of it happening again. There has to be some new software package that can help you in your chosen profession. How about a certification or license related to the profession? Even if it is just reading a couple of books on a particular aspect of a skill set or attribute that may come up in an interview. You now have the time available to improve your marketability.

Of course, you can schedule your downtime that you may not have had when you were employed. Maybe the is a 2:30 pm yoga class you were never able to make before. Or perhaps you can save a few bucks by catching a matinee of that movie you wanted to see and move some of your non-contact job search activities to later in the day. The point is that the relaxation angle should be the exception, not the rule. Unless you have a trust fund you’re dipping into, time is of the essence to protect your credit rating and keep the lights on. Approach the job search as though it were a job, and you’ll accelerate the timeline for landing one.