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Distributing your new and nicely formatted resume is only part of a fully functional and effective job search. Getting your world ready for the search is an important part of staying efficient, presenting yourself the right way and composing all of the proper tools to make sure the search takes as little time as possible. Being unprepared is not an option. After all, every day you are out of work means lost wages. Additionally, the longer you are out of work, the more employers fear you are unemployed for some reason they may not know.

This section of Career Management U. is designed to provide you information that will help you to build the infrastructure necessary to run a tight and efficient job search.


How To Organize Your Job Search

Your resume and cover letter may be together, but you shouldn’t start your job search without a grand plan to ensure that your search efforts are efficient. At the link above, you will find excellent ideas on getting your job search aligned with your efforts so that your new resume doesn’t have to work as hard.


Who Do I Tell About My Job Search?

Mailing out your resume and cover letter should not be the only way of reaching out for employment. Any efficient job search is going to create synergistic efforts by getting others involved in the job search. Here we provide guidance for you in enlisting the assistance of those in your network to cover as much ground as possible in your job search.


7 Strategies to Cut Expenses During A Job Search

When unemployed, it is mandatory to develop a plan for stretching that dollar farther than normal. Here we provide some tips to reign in that budget and keep the important bills paid while you look for your next paycheck.


Separate Job Search Email Address

During the course of your job search, you may end up mailing hundreds of employers, recruiters and job boards. The last thing that you need is to miss an important email because it was sandwiched between a friend’s cat video and a Groupon notice. Find out how a separate job search email can benefit you in the short and long run.

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