job search support“Here is the basic rule for winning success. Let’s mark it in the mind and remember it. The rule is: Success depends on the support of other people. The only hurdle between you and what you want to be is the support of other people.” (David Joseph Schwartz)

There is usually a lot of stress in the air when going through a job search. You have to find a certified resume writer you can trust, call creditors to warn them of potential missed payments due to unemployment, and perhaps even have some difficult conversations with family members until the things are back on track. If not careful, going through this process can prove to be taxing mentally and even cause you to spiral into depression. As with any difficult period or task, one usually finds it easier to manage if there is some sort of support system that exists. Something to prop you up through the bad times and provide a bridge to success. Here are some tips to structuring a support system that can not only aid with the search, but relieve some of the stress associated with it.

Get Family and Friends on the Same Page

As I mentioned in my previous blog entry, having family members and friends that are not in alignment with your job search needs can be problematic. Sometimes they do not take your job search as seriously as you do. Not necessarily intentional, but it happens. Sometimes they just do not know any better. Well, it is up to you to turn those individuals into allies in the cause. Have conversations with all of your friends and family members. Let them know you not only need the space to conduct an effective job search, but that you can also use assistance from time to time. This can be in the form of transportation, housekeeping, babysitting, or just supportive conversation and positive reinforcement. Make sure they know about (and respect) your job search spaces and designated job search times.

Meet with Other Job Seekers for Support

Nothing makes a rough time easier quite like knowing there are others dealing with the same situation. Make arrangements to meet up with other individuals who are also conducting job searches. This is not only good for your morale, but you may also find out some excellent job search management tips from others that you have not considered before. Who knows, they may know about a position available that did not interested them, but may be of interest to you. These like-minded individuals can also help you remain accountable for using your time wisely, and vice versa. Did you know that has 138 groups specifically for unemployed support? Find our if there is one in your city and join.

Find a Mentor

The best way to get from point A to point B is to find someone who is already at point B and ask them how they got there. Mentors are great for this. Connecting with a mentor not only keeps your eye on the final goal, you get access to excellent advice to little known strategies for achieving your objective. Mentors also have connections. A conversation could lead to a phone call to one of their colleagues that results in an interview. One never knows. But it is always good to have a relationship with someone who is successful in your field. Think about it as a road map on a car trip. If someone has already mapped the terrain and tell you where all of the potholes, traffic delays and dead ends are, why wouldn’t you adjust your trip accordingly?

Good LinkedIn Groups to Join

As of the first quarter of 2015, the LinkedIn platform had 364 million users across the globe. It is fast becoming the primary business networking platform on earth. You can find additional support for your job search by becoming a member of any number of LinkedIn groups. Ask questions and let others help you to build a strategy. Weather it is groups targeting the job search process, interviewing skills, or industry specific information and current events, LinkedIn professionals will be able to give you feedback that can only strengthen your search process. And don’t just lurk, participate and contribute! By the way, if you are not on LinkedIn yet, you need to rectify that immediately.

A Session or Two with a Psychiatrist Can Never Hurt

Stress from mounting bills, family pressures, and other factors can weigh on you mentally. Hopefully chatting with friends and family can help to relieve that tension. But if you cannot find psychological relief there, consider one or two sessions with a mental health professional. These individuals can help you sort out feelings and perceptions that may be affecting your health, or even affecting your search effectiveness. Depending upon your health insurance plan, this may be a covered visit. But even if it is not, talking to someone who can help you to sort things out is always money well spent.