resume writerThere are some areas in life where you just can’t afford to go “bargain basement”. You shouldn’t settle for fly-by-night health care, home foundation work, and resume writing. What do all these things have in common? A bad job in the beginning can cause damage later that will cost you exponentially in the future.

I often field calls from potential clients wondering if they should save a few bucks by going with an uncertified resume writer. Well, I attempt to paint a picture of a sub-par resume trying to compete against a focused resume designed by a professional to appeal to already-bored readers with tired and blood-shot eyes. I also communicate the additional cost of extending your unemployment/under-employment when the poorly written product can’t beat out the better resumes prepared by a certified resume writer.

For instance, a job seeker who expects to make $50,000 per year loses $961 every week they remain on the market. Additionally, since any one applicant is usually facing dozens (or even hundreds) of competitors, how likely is it that a pedestrian resume is going to make it past the first round of reviews when the serious competitors put a professional to work for them? Of course, there is more to getting hired than getting a great resume, but the resume is “step 1” and if it isn’t working, you have no chance to even put any other strategies into play.

No one calls to tell you you didn’t get an interview because of a poor resume. You simply never know. Meanwhile, the bills are piling up and the savings is shrinking. Do you want to leave it to chance?

William Mitchell
Certified Professional Resume Writer
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