resume writerMany resume services out on the web offer free resume critique services (The Resume Clinic is one if them). This presents an excellent opportunity you to do two things: 

·         If you are planning to tackle your own resume, getting your old resume critiqued by 3 to 5 different services can provide enough insight to guide you in producing a serviceable resume. Since most resume services use the free critique as a strategy to generate sales, you are likely not going to get everything out of any one critique. (I’ll take some time to submit a shameless plug by saying that I don’t know of a service that offers as much detail in their resume critiques as we do) But, if you get several, one may address what the other leaves out.

·         If you are looking for a professional resume writer, the free critique can be a key indicator of which resume service you should hire by giving you insight into what each resume service considers when improving your resume.

If you have an old resume, there’s really no better way to go.

William Mitchell, CPRW
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