resume writerDuring many of my sales calls, clients often mention that they are having trouble making a decision on a resume writer because the large number of online options has them confused. An easy way to trim down the list is to take advantage of the free resume assessments offered by many resume services on the Internet. There are several key benefits of acquiring a free critique. 

The main benefit a complimentary critique will provide for you is the ability to compare feedback from different companies to see who offers the most detailed recommendations on improving your resume. You want to ensure that whichever resume service you select will adhere to generally accepted resume writing guidelines and put thought into developing a quality strategy that will yield powerful and consistent results. Although every critique will have some degree of templated responses that can be applied to various universal situations, there should still be entries present in the critique that are tailored to your specific situation.

Free critiques also provide you with valuable insight as to what professional resume writers look for when constructing an effective resume. A good critique will provide valuable information for you on what needs to be done “¦ and why. Knowing why certain things are to be done will aid you in amending your resume in the future. You will be armed with information that will keep you from undoing the key strategies that your resume writer has put into play.

And they say you can’t get anything worthwhile for free anymore.


William Mitchell
Certified Professional Resume Writer
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