resume writerLast week, I had a potential customer who had apparently paid for resume services with another company, but for some reason she thought it was with our company. She indicated she’d spoken to someone, but the name was no one employed by our service.

When researching a number of potential online vendors for any service, be sure to track your contacts so that you know (either before or after the transaction) who you are dealing with. It is likely

that this client contacted several resume services and made a purchase without recording which of the several in her research stack she’d gone with.

Before giving your credit card number, it is also a good idea to get a name so that you have one to give to a manager if there are any issues. Additionally, keep the customer service phone number to your credit card company handy. Of course, if the card is with you, the number will be on the back. If not, its good to keep it in your cell phone.

Of course, it is always good idea to have online access to your accounts and check them every other day. if you ever see any transactions in your account that you know are erroneous, you should either be able to see the contact phone number for the card processor online, or get the number from a customer service representative. To be safe, you may also want to cancel the card and have a new one delivered.

William Mitchell, CPRW
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