construction superintendent resumeThe job of a construction superintendent or construction manager is a multifaceted one. It ranges from overseeing daily operations and managing schedules to controlling labor/materials cost and ensuring site safety. While maintaining a consistent presence at the building site, a construction superintendent can address all issues as they arise. You can say they serve as an on-site leader and business administrator for the project. When putting together a construction superintendent resume to apply for vacancies, there are key concepts you should address to communicate your ability to get the job done. You want to convey the core skill set mix that will convince hiring managers you are worth additional consideration. Here are four of the most critical concepts to communicate for a construction superintendent resume.

Ability to Work with Other Professionals and Trades

With a constant onsite presence throughout the construction project, a superintendent works and consults with project contributors at all levels. Your construction superintendent resume should reflect the impact of your interaction with architects and engineers, as well as stonemasons, electricians and carpenters. A construction superintendent should be able to get with an architect and read blueprints, then discuss measuring, cutting, bending and threading pipes with the plumber. This tells your reader that you speak the language of all involved and can intelligibly address problems at all levels of the project. Highlight instances where you collaborated with these professionals to help resolve a critical problem within their sphere of responsibility.

Documentation and Administration

Ensuring that the construction project adheres to prevailing codes and regulations is an important part of the construction superintendent’s overall job. From purchase orders, construction contracts and payroll records to bid documents, RFIs and change order logs, you’ll find a host of documentation for which the construction superintendent has accountability. A good construction superintendent resume will show your ability to complete, amend, track and submit these documents and others to ensure the construction project is up to code. This keeps the overall project on schedule and within budget targets.

Subcontractor Selection and Coordination

A construction superintendent’s reputation is only going to be as good as the trades and subcontractors that represent them. As such, the ability to hire and supervise a quality team of contractors is very important to the success of any project. Subcontractors who delay a project can cost the project owners thousands of dollars in lost time and delayed work by other personnel. Be sure that your construction superintendent resume communicates your skill in consistently putting together strong teams of trade professionals. Also, if you have an impressive on-time and under-budget completion history, convey that on your resume as well. This indirectly speaks to your ability to expertly manage your trade and professional team.

Building/Safety Codes and Other Regulations

If there is one thing construction professionals know, it is that there are numerous federal and state codes and regulations to adhere to during the construction process, along with permits that need to be maintained. These cover areas that include fire safety, ventilation, accessibility, green building, structural design, materials, acoustics and others. When putting together your construction superintendent resume, point out knowledge of federal and state regulations involving construction sites. Do you have any certifications such as a Construction Management Certificate that would indirectly communicate core knowledge in areas such as contracts, insurance, HVAC planning and green design? How about familiarity with ASTM Construction Standards or OS&H? Be sure your reader sees these on the resume.

Any good resume is going to speak directly to the needs of the reader. A well written construction superintendent resume not only provides your background and history, but it addresses the primary concerns of the hiring authority with respect to your ability to do the job at hand. Of course, the smart money is always on allowing the best qualified professionals to do the job. So if you are in need of a resume writer, be sure to conduct research to ensure they are certified and have the qualifications to provide you with a stellar document that will get you into the interview door.