resume writer salesDon’t be fooled, all resumes are definitely NOT alike. The may all have the same goal, but the road there is different or each profession/background combination. When it comes to career sales personnel, the differences can be magnified even greater.

Salespeople are not quite like the rest of us. They are a unique breed whose skill set and characteristics transcend industries. What makes a salesperson special aren’t necessarily their tangible skills as much as it is their intangible qualities.

When writing a resume for a career salesperson, I like to focus on those intangible qualities to set the reader up. Next, it’s all about closing the deal with hard numbers: territories expanded, products/services cross-sold, revenue increases generated, ranking among peer group, among other statistics.

I explain to many of my sales resume clients that in their profession, it is more about selling your “ability to sell” than it is the knowledge of the product they are selling. Sales is about building trust and relationships, and when it comes right down to it, the industry simply does not matter. The resume should reflect that.

William Mitchell, CPRW
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