resume writer“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.”

– Scott Adams

Almost everyone who has done research to write their own resume can attest to the guideline that says that you don’t really want to go over the top in your resume’s design and layout because it can come off as unprofessional. Well, for the majority of positions, this is actually true. A Financial Analyst candidate’s resume submission should be appealing and original, yet at the same time low-key and conservative.

But what about your more creative and dynamic career choices? Does the resume of an Interior Designer, a florist, or a Graphic Artist have to conform to the conservative mold to which most of us must adhere?

The resume is usually an opportunity for candidates such as this to chow the creativity that will be a primary determinant to whether or not they are hired. Using shading, clip art, and shapes to enhance the visual appeal of these types of resumes is perfectly okay … but to a point.

As with anything else, the more away from “center” you go, the more polarized the opinions regarding the document. Be sure that the result is tasteful and not obnoxious. The look should enhance your qualifications information and not overshadow them. Be sure that if color is used, that your paper matches accordingly.

If you have a career with a creative flair, there’s no problem with your resume demonstrating that. But as with anything else, sure it is done with taste.

William Mitchell, CPRW
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