resume writerTargeted resume writing is the most effective way to achieve your objective of getting more interviews. Usually, when we mention “targeting”, we are referring to the idea of developing strategy that directly addresses the needs and requirements of the position being sought. But there is the theory that one can also provide additional resume targeting by focusing on nuances that are specific to a particular region.

In my opinion, this is difficult for a resume writer to accomplish because you must consider a couple of things:

1) Are you applying for a position with a small organization that employs only professionals from that region?

2) Are the “nuances” you plan to integrate into the resume in line with grammatical and structural rules that should never be compromised?

The answer to these is usually no. Regional companies hire transplants and you usually don’t know who will be reviewing your resume and cover letter.

If a regional twist can be integrated within your resume and cover letter without compromising the integrity of your application, then it may be worth a shot. But be sure to keep the nuance integration to a minimum. There simply is no substitute for solid structure, phrasing, and grammar. If you are going to get a resume, then make certain you get a good one.


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