resume writer emailThe cyber security analyst resume, when done correctly, puts you in high demand. As you can imagine, any profession associated with technology can only be expected to grow in the decades to come. Cyber security professionals are an organization’s front line defense in preventing database and network attacks. They are key in preventing countless dollars in financial information theft. By performing risk assessments and security measures verification, the cyber security analyst keeps businesses and government agencies running smoothly.

To ensure your cyber security analyst resume attracts the attention that it deserves, there are certain skills, knowledge and qualities you will want to ensure your reader does not miss. Below are five such concepts that you may want to ensure hiring managers and recruiters do not miss in your resume and cover letter.

Resume Skill 1: Vulnerability Assessment

And effective cyber security analyst resume will communicate your ability to define, identify and classify holes in security when it comes to computers, network and communications infrastructures. When done correctly do you are resume proves to your reader that you can identify potential threats, develop strategies for dealing with high priority problems, and define ways to minimize consequences in the event of an attack. Are you a member of the Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT)? If so be sure your reader can see this. Your ethical hacking skills can also be of use here. The cyber security analyst skills in probing networks and systems to identify vulnerabilities is a valued commodity.

Resume Skill 2: Firewall Development

It is one thing for the cyber security analyst to be able to identify intrusions. But to round out the skill set, you should be demonstrating to your reader the ability to prevent them. Your cyber security analyst resume should communicate your ability to erect first line of defense protection of enterprise applications and data. Whether it is network layer firewalls, application layer firewalls, proxies or network address translation functionality, getting these concepts across to the hiring manager can put you in front of the other applicants who did not bother. Are you versed in the next generation firewall (NGFW)? The recruiter should not have to guess this. You can be of great help to organizations dedicated to detecting application-specific vulnerabilities.

Resume Skill 3: Cyber Incident Response

On the occasion that an attack dogs get through, hiring managers want to know that you understand how to respond to such creatures. WR Cyber Security Analyst resume tell the reader love your skills in developing Incident Response (IR) plans? What about your skills and documenting response plans and making them available to the entire organization? Are all staff members fully aware of their roles and responsibilities in the event of a cyber attack? If you possess experience in running simulated breaches, this is a valuable skill set to showcase on your resume.

Of course, these are not the only skills of importance for the cyber security analyst resume. However, these are definitely high priority. You always want to ensure that you are examining the target job descriptions when putting together your cyber security analyst resume. Not every position will be the same, nor have the same skill set priority. Remember, any resume you send is supposed to speak to that specific readers need. Take the time, do it right, and watch your interview frequency increase.