certified resume writerAs a certified resume writer, our primary objective is to get our clients into the interview door. Yes, everyone wants a Picasso masterpiece fit for framing and displaying in a museum. But that isn’t the goal, is it? Our clients are in need of a job (or a promotion) and in order to achieve that, they must first be called in to interview with someone. Now, when most people think of this process, they envision someone sitting in a quiet office who has nothing but time to review their resume as though it is the one and only one they will be reviewing that day. The truth is often a bit less “sanitary” than that.

When one considers that their resume can be one of dozens (or even hundreds) of resumes that someone has to review, you’ll see that the game changes with how a resume project needs to be approached. Why? Well, if your reader has been given the edict to get that stack of resumes down from 278 to 15 by the end of the day, do you really think they have time to read every word? They are looking for every reason in the world to throw your resume away. After all, how else will they be able to manage this process, along with the other projects on their plate?

The way a good certified resume writer deals with the numbers game is to first figure out where all of the “resume landmines” reside. The certified professional understands how a reader will process that information in under 10 seconds. Everything from paragraph length to alignment, font choice and phrasing plays a role. In fact, even HR professionals and recruiters are often surprised when we reveal to them certain factors that can subconsciously affect their processing of the information in front of them.

Countless resume are tossed before the reader even gets to the first job description. A certified resume writer knows where the mines are buried to help you navigate your way to that interview door.

“If you don’t know, hire a pro.”