resume serviceWhen writing your resume, you sometimes find that your information is just long enough that it starts another page by two or three lines and you are looking for ways to keep the resume to one less page than you currently have. The first thing most people consider changing is the resume’s borders. But before you consider making this adjustment, be sure that you have the room to make the change.

Your resume and associated documentation should use uniform border measurements. To avoid printing issues, the top and bottom should be set no lower than 0.6″ while the left and right should be set no lower than 0.8″. These minimum settings should guard against border related printing issues for the recipient.

What most people neglect to address when they integrate resume margin changes is header/footer margins. This is adjusted in under the same menu as the document change, but under a different tab. Try to keep your footer tab 1″ below that of the resume’s settings to maintain decent spacing.


William Mitchell, Certified Professional Resume Writer
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