resume writerA constant point of discussion that I have with clients has to do with the amount of content that is included within their resume. When most people get a resume done professionally, they go in with the mindset of wanting to communicate everything they have ever done, thinking that the breadth of their accomplishments will win the hiring manager over. But what people sometimes forget to take into consideration is the reader. As your resume writer, it is our job to remind you that hiring managers simply want to know what it is that you can offer by way of the requirements for the job opening.

When considering the amount of detail to include, balance the content’s relevance with the amount of time your reader is likely to spend reading the document. For instance, the hiring manager for an entry-level accounting position will likely have many more resumes to review than will someone hiring a senior-level Environmental Research Director. The heavier the competition quantity, the more you will want to truncate the content (of course, this would never be at the expense of highly relevant data)

Just remember that the hiring manager’s time is valuable, and then write accordingly.


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