I have a close friend with 25 years if IT industry experience who once told me “In IT, it’s all about your skill set. Everything else is secondary”. When preparing your IT resume, you want to be sure to adhere to the general resume writing guideline of giving your reader the most important content early in the document to ensure that even the briefest scan by an HR Manager picks up the most vital information in seconds.

In most resumes, it is customary to relegate the technical skills to the bottom of the resume. After all, for a mortgage broker, the technical skill set won’t be nearly as important as other areas of their experience. But for the IT profesional, the technical skill set should be more detailed and placed near the top above the professional experience.

To better organize the information, I recommend grouping the skill sets so that similar programs, packages and languages appear together. Again, this makes it easier for the reader to find the information that is important to them first.

Technical resumes may be more difficult to write because of the specificity of the language, but the goal is still the same: GIVE THE READER WHAT THEY NEED, AND DO IT QUICKLY! Employ strategies that successfully achieve this and you already hold an advantage over 85% of your competition.

William Mitchell, CPRW
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