resume writerIf you are planning to apply for a position as an office administrator, your resume can serve a dual purpose. Since one of the responsibilities of the job you’re seeking is likely to be document generation, your resume and cover letter serves as an example of the quality of document you will be generating for your future employer. As such, the resume and cover letter should not only be perfect from the standpoint of what can be seen, but also those aspect of the document that are unseen.

When you hit “ctrl/shift-8” when your resume is open in MS Word, it reveals all of the keystrokes in the document. If your job will be to generate documents for the company, you don’t want stray spaces, tabs, and line breaks arbitrarily located throughout the resume and cover letter. Now, if we write your resume for you, this would of course be taken care of, but if you are going it alone, be sure to tidy up the resume by showing the keystrokes and finding your stray marks.

It would be a shame to lose a position because of a technically sloppy resume.

William Mitchell, CPRW
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