resume writerWhen as a job seeker you are looking at numbers like 8% unemployment and 127,000+ employees were laid off in August 2012, it can cause you to sit back and wonder “why bother”? After all, while you may be highly qualified and a great producer, what are the chances that you will be the one to get the available position out of more than 150 applicants? Well, the answer to this depends upon your commitment to preparation and the process.

In our scenario of 150 applicants, you are likely looking at some 80% to 90% of applicants not taking care of business on the front end of the process. By taking care of business, I am referring to having a professionally written resume created to improve its performance in database searches and quickly communicate your value in relation to the position requirements and company long-term plans.

Now what does that have to do with perspective, you say?

Assuming that you have an excellent resume and cover letter prepared and practice your interviewing skills, you will already have an advantage over 90% of your competition who won’t bother to do so. So instead of swimming upstream with 150 applicants, your TRUE competition is 15 or so.

Much more manageable numbers, wouldn’t you say.

When combined with consistent networking, a broad social media presence, and other strategies to diversify your search, you will find that your unemployment stretch will be much shorter and employment choices much greater.

I had a client who’s resume I was working on for the third time. She indicated that she’d found work within three weeks each time of the previous two times. While she said it jokingly, she asked “Is there really a recession, because it hasn’t affected me.” I laughed and responded “Apparently, not for MY clients.”

Just remember that regardless of how much competition you are facing, if you are more prepared that the next person, it will be THEM wondering why the phone isn’t ringing. Even if one company is hiring for one position, your attitude should be “Why shouldn’t that employee be me?”

I say, no reason (if you out-prepare the next guy).