resume writerAs a small business owner, there are usually many things to be concerned about to keep the business profitable and afloat. While the specifics differ somewhat from business to business, the underlying foundational concern is always the same:

“How do I keep more money in my pocket?”

Over the past few months, I’d been taking a long, hard look at The Resume Clinic as I feel the business is at a crossroads. No, we’re definitely in no danger of shutting doors. In fact, healthy growth is projected in the near future. The question is how to handle it.

While the pursuit of additional revenue is the common strategy for seeking higher profitability, I feel that increased efficiency is an overlooked strategy. Improving your processes should result in les time spent on each project or task, leaving more time and resources available for marketing, administration, or additional projects. You end up imcreasing your income per unit of effort.

The Resume Clinic is a customer-first business. We never want to grow to the point of sacrificed product quality or service. We’ll be thinking efficiency first.

William Mitchell, CPRW
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