resume writerAs I am sure most resume writers do, I often get requests from clients for a resume that covers a broad spectrum of experiences. The flaw with this plan is that when clients request this, they are erroneously thinking of themselves and all of the skills and experiences they have amassed over the years, and not of the poor reader who they will be asking to wade through this sea of information to find the tidbits that they need to make an informed decision about the resume and its applicant.

You should look at your resume as a hand full of rocks, and your job targets as bullseye targets a ways off. Now, you only get to fling those rocks one time. As such, the closer the targets, the better your chance to hit them. The farther apart they are the more scattered your throw will have to be to even have a chance. If your resume covers too much unrelated ground, that is exactly how your resume will come across to the reader: scattered and unfocused.

Discuss with your writer just how “broad” your resume can be before it loses effectiveness. Your resume writer should never be afraid to tell you “no” when it comes to requests such as this. After all, they are the paid professionals. But just in case you decide to use one who doesn’t care enough (or know enough) to steer you in the right direction, you now know the ramifications of such a resume writing request.

William Mitchell, CPRW
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