resume writerAs I watched the LSU Tigers (from my home state of Louisiana) become the first team to win a 2nd BCS title, I began, as usual to think of the game in terms of resumes and employment. It occurred to me that the participants in this game will have an excellent networking tool at their disposal. Many people will be curious and want to hear the details of such an experience. As such, it’s a great interest generator on a resume and can definitely be the impetus for getting interviews.

Of course, this doesn’t only hold true for national champions. A USC or UCLA athlete in a major sport can definitely draw the interest of hiring managers in the Los Angeles area. I graduated from Xavier in Louisiana and I can remember our basketball players getting some favorable attention since they were ranked nationally in the NAIA. As long as you don’t try use it as the basis of your existence (a la Al Bundy with his four touchdowns in one game), you can definitely draw the interest of companies, especially those looking for recruiting muscle.

If you played one of the popular sports in high school and wonder if continuing your athletic career can be of benefit to you, think twice before giving it up at the college level. It could be your ticket to interviews.


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