resume writerDuring introductory telephone calls with clients, we find that a consistent point of concern for most clients is the need to provide sufficient information to their resume writer. Yes, we know, it is the most aggravating part of the process. But resumes are just like computers: “Garbage in, garbage out “¦”.

More times than we want to remember, we get comments like “If I wanted to think about all of that and write it down, I would have done it myself.” You have to remember that your resume can only be as strong as the information you provide to your writer. After all, the writer was not with you over the course of your career and has no way of knowing your contributions and accomplishments, major projects, or peripheral skill set.

It is true, however, that you should not have to “write the resume” yourself. Any writer who asks you to phrase your information the way you want it to appear is in fact asking you to do their job for them. At The Resume Clinic, we just look for the facts from you, however they come out. We don’t require any grammar checks, proofing, organization, etc. Just give us the “who-what-when-where-why” and we’re off and running. What we do ask for is as much detail as we can get.

For any good resume writer, you can never have too much information. We’re used to wading through data to get to the important stuff. More often than not, we’re likely going to be more qualified than the client to determine whether a particular piece of data is relevant enough to include.

It may be a little more head work than you want on the front end, but once you’re done, your resume writer will have the information needed to properly develop a strategy that will win your interviewer over. Yes … no matter how good they are, your resume writer will always need your help.

William Mitchell, CPRW
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