federal resume writerApplying for a position with the federal government can be a bit of a shock for the first time applicant. Along with the more detailed resume, most federal positions require the submission detailed responses to of KSAs (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) questions. Not all positions require them, but most will.

The mistake made by most people when preparing this critical part of the application process is that they do not sufficiently support the KSA in question by providing examples of its practical application.

A KSA that seeks information on your ability to resolve interdepartmental disputes should not be answered by simply writing “I possess leadership skills” in various ways to take up half of a page, which is how most applicants respond. Provide an example of how you applied those leadership skills by providing details of the situation, the specific steps used in developing a resolution, its application, and the results.

Along with submission of a stellar federal resume, providing solid support for each KSA will put your submission light years ahead of most of your fellow applicants