resume writerAll too often, professionals wait until there is a clock ticking before contacting their resume writer to get their resume together. The truth is that waiting until you’re under the pressure of being unemployed with your savings drying up is not the best time to take care of such an important project. Having your resume written without undue pressure allows you to take your time and focus on the details.

When working with your resume writer, remember that they can only provide you with a product that is as good as the information you are able to give them. When you’re not feeling the pressure of bill collectors and mortgage companies, you can focus on communicating the important contributions and projects that will catapult you to a position ahead of the field.

Many times, client will contact us, saying “I need this done as soon as possible.” While we pride ourselves on being timely, the last thing you should want is a rush job on perhaps the most critical document you will ever have developed (other than a will). As such, you can do yourself a huge favor by having your resume developed while you don’t need it.