Resume WriterPutting all of your eggs in one basket is considered dangerous, no matter the situation. Investment professionals recommend maintaining a diversified portfolio to avoid significant impact upon the value of your holdings in the event of a shift in market forces. Similarly, an effective job search should incorporate various tactics to give you the best chance of success.

Perhaps the most effective job search vehicle you have is your network. Part of good on-going career care is diligent cultivation your network and strategic relationships while you don’t need them, so they will be ready for when you do. Next, find the job boards that specialize in your field and create a presence there. Let’s not forget recruiters/headhunters, as this leverages your efforts. Other avenues in which to conduct your search include:

* Newspaper/industry periodicals ads.
* Cold mailings
* Walk-ins

Just remember that the more arrows you shoot from multiple angles, the more likely one is going to hit the mark. For each opening available, someone is going to be hired. It may as well be you!

William Mitchell, CPRW
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