resume writerIf there is one lesson that experienced resume writers eventually learn, it is that you can’t please everyone when it comes to resume guidelines. If you ask 10 different HR Managers of their opinion on anything from resume length to bullet point mix, you are likely to get 10 different answers. This is why we are trained to use the guidelines whenever possible, but place more focus on making the resume a good read. However, when a client is working with a recruiter, this is where the rules change a bit.

Most reputable recruiters have established relationships with companies who have coordinated with them on setting standards on style and content of the resumes that are forwarded to them. This is excellent inside information your resume writer can use to zero in on the target.

When I have a client who is working with a recruiter, I always recommend that they consult with the to see if their clients have preferences we need to address within their resume. Because recruiters serve as a first-line buffer for the clients (weeding out the under qualified applicants on the front end), their clients traditionally request more detail. After all, every applicant whose resume is forwarded has been pre-qualified. As such, its more like the 2nd stage of the process by the time the recruiter’s client gets the resume.

To ensure the best results for your resume, consult with your recruiter before engaging your resume writer. Find out what their clients’ preferences are on resume characteristics such as:

Resume length
Bullets vs. paragraphs
Position detail
Cover letter length

This will serve as a bit of a “cheat sheet” for your resume writer, giving them a blueprint to build the ultimate resume the recipient will love.

William Mitchell, CPRW
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