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In this section of The Resume Clinic’s Career Management U., we examine the various aspects of the cover letter and how it can pair with your resume provide you with the much needed edge over your competition. EVERY aspect of your submission should be top-shelf. The sections below will provide some valuable insight into mastering the development and utilization of this often overlooked tool.

28 04, 2015

Tips on Cover Letter Structure

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The cover letter is under-appreciated by many job seekers as a necessary job search tool. However, it represents yet another opportunity to connect with the reader and pass along valuable information about you. Here are some tips on how to good cover letter structure can ensure optimal effectiveness. Introduction Your introduction's purpose is to quickly [...]

27 08, 2008


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There may have been a time when the cover letter was considered more of an optional document to include with your resume, but as always, times change. In today's job search environment, the cover letter is a mandatory part of the document arsenal whose absence can severely weaken your chances of landing the interview. First, [...]


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