resume writerThere are many candidates from across the Atlantic that are intimidated by the process of converting their European CV/Resume into a format that can win an interview here in the states.

The main thing you want to address is the personal information. Remove entries that communicate age, gender, physical attribute, marital status/children, and religion. Next, take a look at other information such as hobbies. If not relevant to the position pursued, remove it. The same holds true with organization memberships.

Regarding length, the general guideline is two pages. Any longer and you run the risk of losing your reader. However, certified resume writers know that you include everything that is relevant, fresh, and powerful, so if a resume must go to three pages, than so be it. But 98% of the time, one to two pages will do.

Spelling also must be checked for U.S. versions of words. For instance, “organitsation” in the UK ” is spelled “organization” here in the states. Change your word processor software to access the English dictionary and run spell-check. It should identify and replace all of the different terms.

At this point, your resume should be ready to go!

William Mitchell, CPRW
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