Anyone who has searched for a resume writer online knows that we are out there by the dozen (or even the hundreds). Finding the right person to handle your resume writing project means being sure you find someone who is going to take the time to personalize your resume for maximum effectiveness. What you want to watch out for are what we in the industry call “resume mills”. These companies treat every resume the same, with no consideration for the client’s unique background or specific career goal.

The first sign is the fact that you can’t get a resume writer on the phone. Now, I use an answering serviced myself (to screen out the solicitation calls), but if you can’t speak directly to the writer to discuss your situation, you’ll never really know that the resume is being thought out prior to writing it.

The next sign is lack of certification. A CPRW (certified professional resume writer) is trained in developing customized strategies for each client in order to get the critical information over to the resume’s reader as quickly as possible. Additionally, the CPRW knows how to research and identify key words and phrases that will trigger databases during a search.

Lastly, the resume mill will usually return your resume without going through a draft phase, expecting you to take this highly critical document “as is”. Be sure that the resume writer you select provides as many draft iterations as necessary in order to ensure your final resume and cover letter files are letter-perfect and that you are comfortable with everything. After all, you have to sit on the other side of the table from the interviewer reading the resume.

There are many good resume writers out there (and we’re definitely one of them). If you do your “due diligence” to ensure you don’t get hooked up with a resume mill, you are half-way home.

William Mitchell, CPRW
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