resume writer ladyThe Resume Clinic offers perhaps one of the best guarantees in the industry. We can do this because we take the time to craft each product based upon our clients’ unique situations and career goals. This ensures optimal interview results by speaking directly to the hiring manager’s needs.

But what about the rare times when the 30-day mark arrives and there are no interviews? Before requesting a rewrite, you want to make sure all other aspects of your search are up to speed as the last thing you want to do is weaken the resume’s effectiveness with unnecessary changes.

1. Objectively look at the amount of submissions you are making. Any position worth having will be highly competitive and your chances of landing something of quality improve with the number of submissions. Getting up from the couch once or twice to send out one resume just won’t cut it.

2. Are you following up submissions with a telephone call? The hiring manager will receive dozens of resumes from interested applicants. A follow up call to verify receipt can be enough to move your resume to the top of the stack. Sometimes, if the timing is right, you can end up with a phone interview on the spot!

3. Diversify your search. Don’t limit yourself to the newspaper. In fact, the majority of job openings are not even advertised! Use the big job boards as well as the smaller niche boards. Get your resume into the hands of recruiters so that they can work for you. And don’t forget the #1 method for finding employment – NETWORKING.

The guarantee is there to protect you. Just remember that using the guarantee just because it is there can hurt you if your search has bogged down in other areas.

William Mitchell
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