Attention to detail is usually the difference between gaining employment quickly and floundering in the job market for months. An effective resume is going to be as effective visually as it is from a content standpoint.

resume serviceA key facet of any resume’s visual presentation is proper balance. Most achieve this by using numerous spaces and tabs I an attempt to create uniformity in areas such as right-margin date alignment header development. There are several problems that this approach presents:

* Changing font, font size, or document border measurements completely destroys the tedious work it takes to align entire document in this way.

* If you send your resume as an attachment, the reader can activate the option to view keystrokes and see every stray space and tab entry that you use (this can be more of an issue for someone seeking a position requiring strong word processing).

* You will not be able to insert more than one bullet point per line (at least I haven’t found a way to do it yet)

To bypass these issues, make use of tables to align things and create multi-columned lists. All of the issues mentioned above will be resolved and your document will be more balanced, cleaner from a keystroke perspective, and easier to edit in the future.

William Mitchell, Certified Professional Resume Writer
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