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After the Resume Has Done its Job, You Need to Impress!

operations managerThis section of The Resume Clinic’s Career Management U. offers sound advice on how to master the interview phase of your journey. After your resume gets you into the door, you need to wow the interview to grab the brass ring. Most of your competition won’t prepare for this very important step in the process. Read further, get interviewing help, and stay ahead of the game.

Interviewing Help Topics

Interview Prep 101: Go In Prepared

No need to add unnecessary stress to what is already a stressful interview process. In this article we provide you with tips on interview preparation that help you to make a good impression on your interviewer. Proper preparation will help you to remain calm and focused, resulting in a much better overall performance during the interview.

Resume Writer Help: Dress for Interview Success

If you want the part, you need to look the part. In this article, we offer interviewing help by focusing on the appropriateness and selection of your wardrobe. Look the part, be the part!

Dress for Success: Job Interview Wardrobe Tips

Another take on selecting the right combination for your job interview outfit from The Resume Clinic’s Career Management U.

Waiting for the Interview to Begin

That time you spend in the employer’s waiting room is not to be taken lightly. In fact, these few minutes can sometimes affect your candidacy. The Resume Clinic’s Career Management U. provides interviewing help here by guiding you through using this time wisely, as well as detailing how some employers use this opportunity to find out thing about you.

Interview Tips: Survey the Environment

Trust us when we tell you that every job is not a good job. In this article, Career Management U. provides tips for absorbing what goes on around the office before, during and after your interview so that you have a good idea of what you may be getting yourself into.

Its Go Time! (The Interview Itself)

Its live action time, ladies and gentlemen and the interview has begun. Do you know how to greet the interviewer? How are your listening skills? Well, we have some tips on the not-so-obvious that can help you sail through this process with flying colors.

Common Interviewing Mistakes

Just about all of us have been here once. A slip-up in an interview can be costly, and it is not often we get a Mulligan when we do. Here are some of the more common faux pas that have been committed by your fellow career seekers.

Waiting for Interviews to Begin

Don’t wait until the interviewer comes out to greet you to display your professionalism. Eyeballs can be on you from the second you walk through the door!


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