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As a career professional in Minneapolis, there is a lot to look forward to. According to the Star Tribune, the Minneapolis economy is expected to pick up steam, with unemployment falling, along with job growth and wages increasing. In fact, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis economists expect unemployment to continue to tick down.

So you should be striking while their on is hot.

The Resume Clinic has supported Minneapolis job seekers with quality resume and cover letter resume writing services. We use a web based business model that allows for optimized efficiency and speed, without sacrificing quality. That means a great resume product for you at a reasonable fee, without chasing your local Minneapolis resume writer that may or may not be in the office, or holds awkward hours in an office across town. We only hire certified resume writers and consistently maintain a superior rating with the BBB’s Online Reliability Program.

Along with the many small to medium-sized businesses that make up the Minneapolis economy, there are 17 Fortune 500 companies that employ professionals. Among them are:

U.S. Banco
General Mills
St. Jude

Isn’t it time to get your share of the success?

Our Resume Writing Process

At The Resume Clinic, we don’t believe in the “resume mill” structure that simply assembly lines your resume and cover letter and makes it the same as every other job seeker. You are engaged and in communication throughout the process with your resume writer. We also develop resume strategy from the ground up, even if you have an old resume. The key to success is the application of proven print marketing strategies that make your resume an easy read, while ensuring the hiring manager recognizes the value in seconds.

Also, the process does not end until you are 100% satisfied. Not many Minneapolis resume writer professionals will offer the accountability and airport that you will find here at the Resume Clinic.

How Do We Begin?

Time is money. Always has been, always will be. Every day your job search underperforms means lost income. So why not begin today? We free resume assessments and are always willing to chat about your project (communication is key to a quality resume).

Your time is now. You only need to execute and capitalize on it. When not just any Minneapolis resume writer will do, choose The Resume Clinic.


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